Spokane, Wa.

Pre-School Drop in Skate 

Starting September 4th:

Monday & Wednesday 10am- 11am

9 Reasons Kids Should Learn To Ice Skate 

 Ice Skating Requires Paying Attention

 No matter the weather, ice skating rinks are always open

 Kids who can’t run fast can still learn to skate fast.

 Kids of all body types can feel graceful, artistic and athletic on the ice.

 Ice skating teaches kids to get up after falling. And to get up again. And again.

 Even little kids can learn to skate with confidence.

 As a sport, ice skating offers myriad avenues for true “rec league” competition.

 Ice skating is an activity that kids can participate in through adulthood.

Ice Skating allows children to develop new friendships

​Don't you wish you learned how to ice skate at a young age? Now we have made it extremely affordable and convenient for kids to learn how to skate. Our expert coaches make classes fun! Take advantage of this opportunity to allow your child to learn the unique skill of ice skating!

Pre- School drop is an affordable and convenient class for kids (ages 3-6) who want to learn how to ice skate!

No Registration is required! 

$6 per skater

Starting August 14th:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am- 11am

Current Schedule: 

Pre School Drop In Classes will resume on August 14th!